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March 28, 2017

Felicitations a / congrats to;
League champions Gary Mason
Division A champions Colin Bradley
Division B champions Hal Burnett
Division C champions Jacques Lemieux
Rookie of the year Teresa Savage
Sportsman of the year Sam Glasspoole
and another big thanks to chef Gary for the best roast beef I have ever had.

Gary Chute

Final Standings

PositionTeam NameWinsLossesTiesPoints
1Bruce Phillips114224
2Mike Parker115123
3Sylvain Dutil106121
4Sonny Normandin106121
5Phil Masson106121
6Gary Chute95321
7Hal Burnett96220
8Stephane Lemieux97119
9Colin Bradley97119
10Gary Mason75519
11Eric Lemieux87218
12Raymond Bedard77317
13Pierre Pauw59313
14Sam Glasspoole510212
15Jacques Lemieux41219
16Michael Ferreira21237
17Dan Tonner21415